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    "The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason to hope."

    - Teilhard De Chardin



    Workshops are unique learning environments which aim to further equip us on our journey towards wholeness. Join various subject matter experts as they facilitate learning opportunities of interest to you. Learn more about current Workshops below.

    The Serving Commons


    The Serving Commons is where we can connect with our community in times of need. If you or someone you know could use a helping hand, please fill out this form.


    To see the current opportunities where you can serve, please click here.



    We often become aware of people and organizations who are also diligently working towards helping others be a beneficial presence in the world. As we get to know different initiatives, and there are ways for us to assist or partner in some way, we love to share those here on this site. Stay tuned!

  • Workshops

    We offer a variety of workshops throughout the year on a wide range of topics.

    Look through the upcoming workshops below for more info.

    Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional Intelligence is one’s ability to understand, interpret and communicate emotions, and your level of emotional intelligence impacts every aspect of your life. This individual workshop utilizes Multi-Health Systems EQi 2.0 Assessment, providing coaching, language and action steps to grow your level of emotional intelligence.


    -Format: Individual assessment and 1-on-1 coaching session



    Israel Pilgrimage

    Join our friend Kent Dobson as he leads a group to the Holy Land. Let this spiritual adventure shape you as you travel through Israel following the life of Jesus.


    -Dates: December 7-16, 2017




    We are excited to partner with Gravity Center this fall and will be hosting Chris Heuertz for an all-day Enneagram workshop.


    -Date: October 21, 2017 (9:30am-4:30pm)



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  • Serving Commons

    We're always posting new opportunities to help out our community. Browse the different opportunities below and sign up today to help.

    Emergency Housing

    A family from Montana is needing temporary housing in Seattle due to their child needing medical care in this area.

    Teacher Classroom Prep

    As teachers in our community prepare to go back to school in

    the fall, we'd love to provide some groups of people who can help them get their classrooms

    looking great.

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