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    a beneficial presence in the world

  • What We Do

    "The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason to hope."

    - Teilhard De Chardin



    Workshops are unique learning environments which aim to further equip us on our journey towards wholeness. Join various subject matter experts as they facilitate learning opportunities of interest to you. Learn more about current Workshops below.

    The Serving Commons


    The Serving Commons is where we can connect with our community in times of need. If you or someone you know could use a helping hand, please fill out this form.


    To see the current opportunities where you can serve, please click HERE.

    LGBTQ+ Advocacy


    This is an area where we feel passionate about moving our world and culture forward. See more about what this looks like HERE

  • Workshops

    We offer a variety of workshops throughout the year on a wide range of topics.

    Mindful Silence w/ Phileena Heuertz

    Join Phileena on Saturday December 1st as she leads a half-day workshop exploring some of the fundamentals of contemplative spirituality, the teachers in the Christian contemplative tradition, and the practice of contemplative prayer. Space is limited so sign up HERE now!


    Meet new people and help others by joining a serve opportunity.

    Package and Deliver Baskets

    The final step!

    Come together on Saturday November 17th from 9am-12pm to package and deliver Thanksgiving baskets. Let us know you can make it by signing up HERE

    Basket Brigade Auction

    Help raise funds

    Join friends at an auction Wednesday, November 14th to raise funds for the rest of the food needed. You can sign up HERE

  • Share a Serving Opportunity

    Do you have ideas for how people can serve?

  • LGBTQ+ Advocacy

    Support life-saving work for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters

    Stan Mitchell

    A pastor to children and families in crisis

    Support the work of Stan as he counsels, advises and loves families through the process of accepting and supporting their LGBTQ+ family members.

    Church Progression

    Helping move churches closer to inclusion

    Help provide counseling, resources and strategy to church leaders who are interested in becoming open and affirming, but want assistance and wisdom in how to move their congregation forward.

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    Help the impact of our community go as far as it can.


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    If you are looking for information on EastLake Community Church, please visit www.eastlakecc.com