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Nominee #8: Project

Access Northwest

This amazing non-profit that began in 2006 works in partnership with local healthcare provider systems to find innovative solutions to tear down the barriers that uninsured or underinsured people in our community face when trying to access healthcare. Through a number of evidence-based programs, Project Access NW is implementing its vision that everyone in our community will have access to the healthcare services they need.

Project Access Northwest is a vital link and local solution to the healthcare issues that affect marginalized communities. Many times, patients can get care from community health centers but do not have access to specialty care. Our providers volunteer their services for those who have no insurance and bill Medicaid if they can. In addition, we work with every hospital system in King, Kitsap and Snohomish County. Many people believe that the advent of the ACA (Obamacare) ensured that everyone had healthcare coverage. Not everyone can qualify for coverage, for example, those who are here less than 5 years and those who are undocumented, cannot apply. Project Access helps those people. We never ask about residency because we believe that all should have access to care. In addition to our legacy care coordination program, we also work with patients being discharged from the hospital and ensure their follow-up appointments are scheduled. We also help pay the premium for those on Exchange Plans. Over our 11 years in operation, we have helped to provide care to over 32,000 people, many who return to work and lead constructive lives. All of these programs reduce unnecessary healthcare expenditures that ultimately we all pay for as participants in the healthcare system.

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The money would be used for our care coordination program. This program connects low-income patients with specialty medical care – care they would not otherwise be able to access. This includes neurology, oncology, cardiology…more than 40 specialties – often this care is lifesaving or life changing. We work with a vulnerable and all too often marginalized population. All of our patients live at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. The majority of our patients are ethnic or racial minorities, the majority are uninsured (the rest are on Medicaid). 45% of our patients don’t speak English and we provide interpreters for all of them. We also work with the LGBTQ population. We are an LGBTQ founded and led organization and feel strongly about serving this community. We partner with the lifelong AIDS alliance, Bailey Boushey and the Orion teen center.

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